Monday, December 7, 2009


What a load of fear-mongering hogwash!!! This is what passes for journalism at the AP! I’ve read more insightful “news” in the National Inquirer. This is pure propaganda, pushing an agenda, and is a disservice to the very issue it purports to support! I honestly believe that there is some truth to the idea of human caused global warming, but this kind of fear-mongering is what makes me tend to resist the idea. Instead of a reasoned approach, we have this universal doomsday hysteria – every single scenario is a disaster, and America is the ultimate evil doer. And the implication is that only all powerful governments are the solution, and therefore the simple masses must be reigned in and forced to “correct” their stupidity.

Well, Charles J. Hanley, I’m not buying it. Why don’t you find a job you might be better at, like terrifying children with ghost stories? And Yahoo should be ashamed for posting this clap-trap as news.

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