Sunday, December 13, 2009

It’s up to y’all folks! If you don’t click my Ads, I’ll eat this puppy.

It’s your responsibility now – you see the picture – if you want to save this poor little innocent puppy, then you better click one of the Advertisements over there in the left margin.

<<-- (Just below the “Ads by Google” title)

I beg you! Don’t let this tiny cute little innocent puppy be sacrificed, just ‘cause you didn’t want to scoot your mouse pointer over and click an Ad.

To save this itsy bitsy cutesy wootsy teeny tiny puppsie wuppsie, just go to my blog every day and click one of the Ads – if you don’t, then it’ll be YOUR fault that I eat the puppy. Miss ONE day, and – PUPPY NO MORE – Are you so evil that you would allow that??

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