Friday, December 4, 2009

Powering the Star Ship Enterprise.

Does this mean I can keep my SUV?

'Their calculations suggest that a black hole a few atto¬meters or so across (an attometer is a nano-nanometer, smaller than a proton), with a mass on the order of a million metric tons, could provide large amounts of power for decades before shrinking to nothingness and disappearing in a final explosive poof. Making black holes of that magnitude would require an elaborate and massive bank of gamma-ray lasers, powered by a gigantic solar panel orbiting the sun. Converging laser beams would concentrate energy densely enough to create the black hole (somewhere in the vicinity of the sun), which would then be harnessed to a space vessel equipped with a parabolic dish to focus the black hole’s energetic emissions. Steering a black hole is no problem, Crane and Westmoreland say: “It is only necessary to scatter radiation off the black hole to impart momentum to it.” It’s basically pretty simple.' (Yeah, I used that trick on my Corvette.)
'If the Earth remains intact, doomsayers will once again have been falsified. Every time they forecast the demise of the planet, those prophets of Earthly annihilation prove themselves no more foresightful than mortgage bankers or phony psychics.' - or global warming scientists?

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