Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama and the Democrat congress – Screw the voters!

Basically, while we are in a major recession, BO, Markey, and the democrat congress, want to take billions of taxpayer money and GIVE IT AWAY to other countries! And they’re going to do it whether the voters like it or not – WHILE WE HAVE OVER 10% UNEMPLOYMENT!!!

President Obama heads to Copenhagen this week armed with an "endangerment finding" by the Environmental Protection Agency that warns of the negative impact of carbon dioxide. That finding gives Obama regulatory authority to put limits on U.S. output.’ (emphasis mine)

‘Markey said the president is talking about committing $3 billion to help developing countries…’

 How about committing $3 billion to helping the unemployed in THIS country!!

‘Inhofe countered that Mexico, as well as India and China, are "chomping at the bit" for the United States to pass legislation that will send jobs overseas. He added that China holds $800 billion of U.S. debt and the Congress is not going to approve sending $10 billion more to update their electrical grid.’

‘But Markey responded that Congress is better off doing something than nothing because "it's no longer a question of legislation or no legislation, it's a question of legislation or regulation."’ (emphasis mine)

Of course what he’s saying is: we don’t have to listen to no damn voters, screw the voters if they don’t pass the legislation we’ll go ahead and do it anyway!!

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