Friday, November 13, 2009

Who needs innovation? You Go Obama-care!

Got my Prozac in yesterday. Now just waiting on my statins and acid reflux meds and I’ll be all set. NICE! We don’t need no stupid innovation!

“NICE's real mission is to protect the British health-care budget. Since 2000 it has denied patients the ability to use the newest cancer drugs--by my count, in 226 different indications where American insurers, and Medicare, currently pay, and where the National Comprehensive Cancer Network says there is ‘high-level evidence’ or ‘uniform consensus’ of clinical benefit. Cancer survival rates in the U.K. are substantially lower than in the U.S. and the gap continues to widen.”

“Mr. Obama's policies on drug access and his party's plans to control pricing will distort the financial incentives that inspire innovations. This will shortchange the contributions innovations provide.”

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