Sunday, November 29, 2009

Real Terrorism from the Left.

Another example of “Progressive” terrorism? I wonder how the MSM will minimize this. I also wonder if this is linked to the new "Progressive" re-education programs.
Is there a connection to this guy?
"Wegner says Monfort told him he "wanted to make a difference in society" so he suggested law school."
"While in the UW scholarship program, Monfort focused on the work of Paul Butler, a law professor at George Washington University. Butler is a proponent of a controversial tactic known as jury nullification, whereby a jury can ignore a judge's instructions and acquit defendants, especially black defendants convicted of a non-violent crime, no matter how strong the case against them.
'It is the moral responsibility of black jurors to emancipate some guilty black outlaws,' Butler wrote in a 1995 Yale Law Journal article, adding: 'My goal is the subversion of American criminal justice, at least as it now exists.'" (Italics mine.)

Sounds like the Progressives are getting violent in their plan to reshape American ideals and philosophy. I’m not surprised it’s happening in Washington state.

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