Sunday, January 24, 2010

Progressives say the Supreme Court’s rejection of McCain/Feingold will let foreigners interfere in US matters.

Uh, didn’t the Liberal members of the Court just recently defend the idea of looking at the decisions of foreign courts in order to make their decisions? I distinctly remember seeing Scalia debating against one of his colleagues on this subject on C-SPAN.

And doesn’t the whole idea of free speech and individual freedom mean that the people have the complete freedom to look at ANY information without government interference, and make up their minds as to the veracity of the arguments? (And as far as the influence of large amounts of spending, I remember reading that enormous spending doesn’t correlate very well with election results. It certainly didn’t help John Corzine in the recent New Jersey election.)

The Progressives aren’t interested in protecting free speech, they're interested in protecting “correct” speech. Does anyone really believe they would be interested in putting a muzzle on MSNBC? (That stands for MICROSOFT NBC folks, and the primary stock holder is General Electric.) MSNBC and the rest of the Democrat/Corporate Media Complex were exempt from the speech restrictions of McCain/Feingold.

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